"WSERVICE" is a modern vehicle’s monitoring system.

"WSERVICE" is an advanced system of remote tracking and monitoring of special vehicles which provides also fleet management. During vehicle’s operation "WSERVICE" records data in the vehicle and the installed units of the system. The vehicle's location, systems' operation, technical condition are available from the vehicle or on the Internet via web browser.

Main functions of the system:
  1. information about the vehicle’s condition;
  2. creating reports according to samples and individual customer’s requirements;
  3. registering vehicle’s users;
  4. remote diagnostics;
  5. data recording;
  6. monitoring of vehicle’s operation with graphic display on digital maps;
  7. vehicle’s location and information about its operation;
  8. system of remote fault reports, warning and service status;
  9. data base allowing to analyze vehicle’s condition;
  10. tools for monitoring fuel consumption and extinguishing agents.