Information for suppliers

Here you will find general information on WISS and our suppliers’ environmental principles.

Environmental protection principles applying for contractors working at WISS facilities:
  1. WISS as a principal who orders service on the territory of WISS factory ensures the possibility of organizing and carrying out works according to environmental requirements and ISO 14001;
  2. The contractor who carries out works at WISS factory is supervised by the WISS representative;
  3. The contractor prepares, organizes and carries out works at WISS factory in such way to avoid fires, environmental degradation and any other failures, including environmental ones;
  4. In case of emergency the contractor notifies WISS representative and takes immediate actions to repair the damage and its consequences;
  5. The contractor stores the materials and equipment in places agreed with the WISS representative beforehand in such way to ensure safety and environmental protection;
  6. Wastes disposal is managed in accordance with legal requirements and contractual terms and conditions;
  7. The contractor acquaints their employees with environmental requirements binding at WISS;
  8. Starting works means the acceptance of the above principles and an obligation to comply with them.