Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3358 (6x4) in action
Firefighting vehicles from WISS have been delivered to yet another customer

This time WISS engineers have designed a heavy, industrial, firefighting and rescue vehicle for firemen from South Korea. It is built on Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3358 (6x4), 3-axis chassis. It features a 15.6L inline six-cylinder OM 473 engine with turbo system and ratings of up to 425 kW (578 hp) available at 1600 rpm. Maximum torque is available at just 1100 rpm. It’s built to meet strict Euro VI emissions standards. It has permanent drive 6x4 on two rear axles. The G 280-16/11.7-0.69 PowerShift 3 is a fully synchronized gearbox with 16 forward gears and two reverse gears.

The vehicle has a single module, tiltable, 2-door, air-conditioned (1+1) cab. The original Mercedes-Benz type L ClassicSpace cab is 2300 mmm wide. Thanks to its distinctive design features and zinc yellow colour Mercedes Arocs 3358 is an exceptional vehicle. The two non-slip entrance steps are illuminated and arranged in a staircase for safe entry and exit in all weather conditions. A cab is equipped with ergonomic air-spring driver’s and co-driver’s suspension seats with headrests and inertial seat belts. Additionally, the driver's seat has versatile adjustment possibilities, such as height, backrest’s distance and tilt. A dashboard provides the driver all essential information during driving and rescue interventions. A panel with joysticks to control the main monitor and bumper monitor is installed between seats.


A superstructure consists of three modules according to customer's requirements , including equipment compartment, compartment with extinguishing agents tanks and a pump compartment. The whole superstructure is a hybrid construction of advanced technology combining aluminum and GRP elements, what maintains its rigidity. The frame of the superstructure is made of welded aluminum profiles and external plating is made of aluminum plates joined with adhesives and GRP lap joints.

A one-stage Ruberg E100 pump is built in the vehicle. This is the biggest pump manufactured by Ruberg AB so far. It has an output of 10 000 l/min at 10 bar. It is built mid-ship with a control panel. The pump is driven from the PTO by means of a jointed shaft with an additional Logan clutch. Thanks to this it is possible to switch the pump on/off during driving, i.e. ‘pump-and-roll system’. The pump as well as the light mast are activated from a control panel in the cab and from a rear locker at the right side. The water-foam system is fitted with two suction inlets 125 mm (one at each side), four pressure outlets 65mm (two at the left and two at the right side), one outlet 55mm for rapid intervention line for CAFS (left side) and one outlet 55 mm for the normal rapid intervention line (right side).


An electric hose reel with a 50m long hose, ø 25mm is installed in the pump compartment on the top right side. A hose reel dedicated for CAFS is installed on the other side of the compartment. The reel is equipped with a 40m long rubber hose, ø 25mm and it is ended with a pistol nozzle. In case of emergency the reel can be operated manually. The hose reel control panel is located at the left side, and the CAFS and the built-in pump control panel are on the right side.

A water-foam system is fitted with Ruberg DUAL RFS 300 foam proportioner . Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with compressed foam system (Ruberg CAFS 120) according to the customer’s requirements. It has an electronic foam proportioner, which allows for precise proportioning at the ratio of 3%. Compressed air is delivered from a compressor 85kW and the air output is 12000 l/min. at the pressure of 6-11 bar.


Last but not least is a pneumatic, telescopic light mast with four LED projectors (40W each). Also, two 2-wheel hose carts are transported on an extended bar at rear part together with pressure hoses ø 32mm – one 40m and the other 50m long.


Other technical parameters: GVW 33 000 kg, total length 10 475 mm, width – 2570 mm, height - 3895 mm.