Economic Award for WISS
The manufacturer from Bielsko-Biala receives another prize – this time from the President of the Republic of Poland

Each year entrepreneurs from the whole country have a chance to receive a special prize i.e. the Economic Award of the President of Poland, which has been awarded for 14 years. This year the ceremony took place on November, 17, 2016 in Rzeszow during ‘Congress 590’ where Andrzej Duda, the president of Poland, congratulated the winners personally. Initiatives, which particularly contribute to the Polish economy growth, both in the innovative and social aspects were honoured. The award is aimed to support entrepreneurs development regardless of their business activities and number of people employed.


In 2016 a record number of applications were submitted (among them 198 applications, which met formal requirements). The category of International Success stirred up some emotions this year. Finally, this title went to to WISS company.


WISS company from Bielsko-Biala was awarded many times in the past, including such awards as Eagles of Export 2016. Awards like this motivate immensely our employees in building a successful brand - says Mariusz Rosa, CEO. At present, we produce vehicles to 40 countries – he continues - this proves how important constant innovation is. The nominees in the category of International Success included such famous brands as CCC Group - well-known not only domestically but also in the whole of Central Europe, selling about 28 million pairs of shoes annually and Comarch company from Cracow, which has been on the market for almost 25 years providing cutting-edge IT solutions and implementing projects in more than 40 countries.


The chapter of the award committee besides the International Success category presented the President's Economic Prize in the following categories: National Success, the Leader of Small and Medium Enterprises, Responsible Business, STARTUP_PL and Research + Development. The applications could have been submitted until October 19, 2016. Eighteen Polish companies have received nominations for the awards this year. Public and private institutions, which applied for the award included Polish Business Council, Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the Polish Patent Office, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Warsaw University of Technology, Startup Foundation Poland, National Science Centre, Association of Polish Clusters, National Labour Inspectorate, the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers, School of Life Sciences, the Union of Polish Metropolises and Marshal Offices of Podkarpackie province, Malopolska province, Kujawsko-Pomorskie province and Lower Silesia province.


WISS company has existed on the domestic and international market since 1988. It is not only a leader in Poland, but also one of the most popular manufacturers abroad. Impressive pace of development, numerous innovations and cooperation with clients from abroad (including Sweden and Germany) makes the company from Bielsko-Biala a true inspiration for other Polish firms. Currently, WISS employs more than 1,000 specialists to provide the highest quality of its products. Effective implementation of the company’s objectives is proved by numerous awards and prizes - including Eagles of Exports 2016 and the Economic Award of the President of Poland.